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To speak of Portugal em Movimento is to give voice to Portuguese TALENT and SUCCESS. The time has come to announce our successful community!


With this in mind, we have set up a Forum, which aims to promote regular meetings, to discuss, identify, share, promote and foster success stories in our community based in Switzerland. We intend to create a networking model, where in each meeting we will have a guest who will address a specific theme. We will try to bring to this forum different themes, such as economic, sports, political, scientific and cultural, that in a given moment raise the general interest of the group.

We are convinced that through these events, we can all participate and create bonds that strengthen our national identity as a productive and creative community. We are aware of belonging to a global world, where we always want to add the success of the Portuguese digital printing!

We believe that the excellence of the various individual contributions, create a value in your participation in these events, both personally and in promoting the talent and success of the brand Portugal!

We count on you, your participation is essential to give body and strength to Portugal em Movimento!

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